Travel Guide through Paradise


Dalmatia is one of the most enticing parts of Croatia and one of the easiest to explore by yacht. Many of the ‘Must See’ highlights of Croatia can be found in this sailing area. The unique natural beauty of its coastline and islands is undeniably stunning. The enticing mix of Mediterranean beauty and the layers of history that are written in the stones of its streets and squares – each will lead you to central Dalmatia, the heart of the Adriatic. Discover beguiling towns and cities, where history blends with cosmopolitan chic and relax on its many beautiful islands with their pristine beaches and warm breezes.

A Typical Day

Enjoy breakfast in a waterfront café, people watch with a coffee in a medieval town square or onboard in a tranquil bay. Cast your lines for a relaxing sail to a secluded bay for a lunch time stop. Go for a swim in the warm, clear waters or explore with a paddle board or snorkels. As the islands are in fairly close proximity to one another choose exhilarating sailing until late afternoon or a more relaxing hop to your evening destination. Spend a calm evening in a delightful bay or moor in an historic port or vibrant town.

Best time to travel

The sunny Adriatic enjoys an average of 315 cloudless days a year. During the most popular chartering season between May and October, blue skies and warm weather prevail.
Summer temperatures are between 26°C to 30°C, with over 12 hours of sunshine a day with gentle winds generally NW 10 to 20 knots.
Sea temperature is a pleasant 24°C on a bright summer’s day.

Home Port Skradin

Check In and Out is at our homeport in Skradin, a beautiful old village inside a “fjord” shaped bay. Lots of bars and restaurants are directly at the marina. Also one of the most stunning sights of Croatia is very close: the Krka Waterfalls. You should visit this amazing natural park and take a bath in the waterfalls.

If your plane arrives earlier or you plan to stay a few more days after your sailing trip, Skradin is an ideal spot.

One Way Option

On special request we offer a one way option. You can start your trip in Skradin and end in Dubrovnik to have the chance to visit all important towns of the southern Dalmatian Coast.



You can fly either into Split or Zadar Airport. On request we can organize a transportation to Skradin for you.



Coming from outside the European Union into Croatia a passport is required that is valid at least for 6 months.



Our port of departure is Skradin. For one way options please request.